Selectus: Premium Split Comfort Mattress Topper

Selectus>Selectus: Premium Split Comfort Mattress Topper

Selectus: Premium Split Comfort Mattress Topper

UK Mattress Size Chart
Super King Size MattressKing Size MattressDouble MattressSingle Mattress
6ft x 6ft 6in5ft x 6ft 6in4ft 6in x 6ft 3in3ft x 6ft 3in
180cm x 200cm150cm x 200cm135cm x 190cm90cm x 190cm

Note: We offer standard UK mattress sizes. If you require a bespoke size, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Part of the Selectus range

Never compromise on your comfort. The Selectus Premium Split Comfort Mattress Topper is designed to help both of you get the best night’s sleep. Split down the middle, one side is firmer than the other, meaning you can both feel comfortable night after night. Choose from two options: Soft and Medium or Medium and Firm.


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Double, King, Super King


Medium and Firm, Soft and Medium


Natural Materials

Temperature regulating, breathable wool is a natural replacement for memory foam.

Multi Award Winning Springs

From one of Britain's favourite manufacturers.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire

Made right here, in the UK, supporting local businesses.

Expertly Researched

Our extensive research has helped create the Selectus range.

A luxuriously soft sleep surface with signature SleepHubs colours.
We use natural wool because it's temperature regulating and moisture wicking, helping you to keep cool night after night. It also adds a soft top layer to sink into with no nasty chemicals.
2 layers, totalling 3,700 micro springs, split down the middle so that each sleeper has their preferred comfort level. The microspings contour to your body providing pressure relief and soft comfort. We use springs instead of foam because they last longer, bounce back after use, are breathable and provide air flow so there's no overheating.
Your topper will sit neatly on top of your existing mattress.

Split Comfort Design

Do you and your partner have different opinions on what is comfortable? The Selectus Premium Split Comfort Mattress Topper is split down the middle with one side softer than the other, so there's no need to compromise to get a good night's sleep. This topper transforms your existing mattress into a split comfort sleep solution that works for both of you. Choose from soft and medium or medium and firm to get the setup that works for you. The topper can be placed on any mattress and can easily be rotated to ensure you have the side that suits you.

A Topper with a Difference

Made with 3,700 multi-award winning microsprings, this is much more than your average mattress topper. Typically, toppers are made using foam, which feels great at first, but over time compresses and loses its softness. We use springs because they are long-lasting, breathable and don't contain any nasty chemicals. Springs allow for more airflow and better temperature regulation than foam, so you can sleep soundly, night after night.

Natural Materials

We use a layer of plush, natural wool on top of the springs. Natural wool is moisture-wicking, breathable, soft and hypoallergenic. It's the perfect sleep companion that will regulate your temperature and keep you cool and comfortable.

Fuss-free delivery

The Essential Topper will be delivered to your door in just a few days, so you can start sleeping better, right away.

Love it, Swap it, Upgrade it?

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We use two layers of multi award winning microsprings, in varying firmness levels, from Harrison Spinks. This gives a total of 3,700 springs which sit beneath a natural wool layer. The topper is encased in a quilted fabric cover.
If for any reason you are unhappy with your new product, please get in touch with us at [email protected] - be sure to include your order number and name and we will get back to you to discuss. For more details on our returns policy, please see our dedicated trial and returns page.



Bad sleep to good sleep I was having SO much trouble sleeping, saw the advert for SleepHubs in Yours Magazine & thought I had nothing to lose. It’s been excellent, the support and weekly meetings have been great. I’m sleeping so much better now than I have in years. If you’re like I was, 100% give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.


After suffering from insomnia for approx 35 years and having tried all kinds of advice and suggestions I was very keen to try something different. I am so pleased that I participated in the programme. I found the video lectures particularly interesting and I looked forward to watching the new ones each week. Before I started the course I believed that as it was mainly an online course that I would be completing the programme totally on my own. How wrong I was! The Zoom meetings, Facebook Support Group, emails and weekly video lectures made me realise how many other people were in a similar situation to me and this helped me through the course. I feel that I have come a long way since the start, and I am confident that I can now carry on by myself and improve my sleep even more. It has made me stop and look at my bedtime routine and habits and make positive changes.


Having completed the course I can highly recommend it as it worked for me. I was sceptical at first but stuck to the course. I made a few changes to my lifestyle and my attitude, to my bedroom, alcohol, caffeine and sleep mindset. This was aided by the information given in the lecture videos. I am now sleeping better and longer waking up now feeling rested and more alert. I will carry on with all the changes suggested because with the help and information I received has given me a new lease of life thank you so very much.


The course was hard but really effective. The tools provided were useful & easy to fit into my routine. I found the support from the coach excellent. Communication throughout the course was great. The proof is in the results which for me after 15 years of problems with sleep was outstanding - first time in years that I had some quality sleep. Thanks to the whole team.

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