Warranty Information

Warranty Information

All our Selectus products come with a minimum 12 months manufacturer warranty (unless stated otherwise at time of purchase). If your item(s) appears to be faulty outside of your 14-day cancellation period, but within the initial 12 months we will collect the item pending a factory inspection. 

If a fault is found with the item(s) within the 12-month warranty period, we will replace all affected items free of charge. Should the items be found to not be at fault and we believe has sustained damage due to miss-use, items will be returned to you and a re-delivery charge will apply.

If an item is found to be faulty within the first 6 months of ownership we may offer a full refund in place of a replacement item.  Any item found to be faulty outside of the initial 6 months of ownership but within 12 months would be eligible for a replacement only and not a refund.

Our Selectus mattresses are also covered by our 5-year warranty. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase and the 5-year period will be clearly displayed on the individual product page.

After the expiry of the initial 12-month guarantee, if your product develops a manufacturing defect and you wish to claim on our 5 warranty, we will first need to arrange an inspection of the product, if it is found to be faulty, we will charge a fee for the replacement of the faulty item according to its age.  These charges are based on a sliding scale – the older the item is, the more you will need to contribute towards the replacement (including delivery costs). The charges will be calculated as follows.

0-1 Years: Free of charge under the initial 12-month guarantee. 
1-2 Years: 20% of the current retail price 
2-3 Years: 40% of the current retail price 
3-4 Years: 55% of the current retail price 
4-5 Years: 70% of the current retail price 

For full details of your rights under the Consumer Protection Regulations, please contact your Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor.