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Trial and Returns

Selectus: Trial and Returns

As we sell our SELECTUS range online, we offer a 100 night at home trial period to make sure you have the right product for your needs. Returns and exchanges are available, as outlined below.

Firstly, we ask that you complete our MattressFit quiz prior to ordering. MattressFit will take a few details from you before recommending a product from the Selectus range that our research shows is likely to suit you best. If you have completed MattressFit and purchased the recommended product, we hope that you will love it.

If for any reason you are not happy with your recommended product, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and let us know. Our sleep specialists will be able to discuss alternative products and if we find you may be better suited to something else, we will swap it for you, free of charge.

As with any new mattress or topper, there is an adjustment period where your body must get used to the new sleep setup. We ask that you sleep on your new product for a minimum of 2 weeks before getting in touch with us about exchanging. 

If you have not completed MattressFit prior to ordering, or you purchase a product other than your recommended one, we reserve the right to charge an admin fee for any exchanges or returns.

If we are unable to find an alternative product for you, you are eligible for a refund which may be subject to collection charges. 

If you have not completed MattressFit, it would be helpful if you do this before contacting us with any issues, then we can look at your answers to help find an alternative solution. You can do this here.

We treat every customer as an individual, and work hard to find a product that suits your needs. If you have any issues or queries with your product, please get in touch with us to discuss at [email protected] – remember to quote your name and order number in your email so we can easily find you on our system and avoid delays.