Mattress Toppers

Enhance your mattress with a Selectus mattress topper. Simply place on top of your existing mattress and enjoy a great night’s sleep. The perfect solution if you need to spruce up your bed without buying a complete new mattress.
Typically, mattress toppers are made using foam, which feels great at first, but over time compresses and loses its softness. We use springs because they are long-lasting, breathable and don’t contain any nasty chemicals. Springs allow for more airflow and better temperature regulation than foam, so you can sleep soundly, night after night.
Choose from 2 options;
The Essential Mattress Topper offers plush comfort and is great for solo sleepers or couples who like the same firmness.
The Premium Mattress Topper is split down the middle offering a different comfort level for each sleeper. This is perfect for couples with different preferences.

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