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Cool Sleep in Summer

Before Bed Checklist

The sun is shining brightly and showing no signs of stopping! 

Here’s our top tips for cool sleep this Summer:

1. Switch to a thinner duvet

2. Keep the bedroom between 18-21 degrees

3. You can keep a window open to maximise air flow – but keep the blinds/curtains closed if possible to prevent the sun beaming through

4. Choose cotton sheets as they help with air flow. Likewise, opt for loose fitting, cotton pyjamas

5. Place a bowl of ice and water in front of a fan – it will blow cooler air in to the room

6. Use ice packs on pulse points (wrists, elbows and knee joints) or a cold compress on your forehead to help cool the body before sleep

These are our best ways to enjoy a cool sleep during a heatwave, do you have any other tricks that help you to sleep in the hot, sticky weather?