Meet the SleepHubs Experts

We are proud to have some of Europe’s leading sleep experts on the SleepHubs team, many of whom specialise in sleep research in Iceland – a notoriously difficult place to sleep due to the midnight sun in Summer and utter darkness in Winter!

Having been a sleep sufferer for many years I really understand first hand how you can change your life by sleeping better, that’s why I created SleepHubs.  My journey made me realise what a difference could be made to many other sleep sufferers. Why wouldn’t I try and help as many people as possible sleep better – live better?


Charlie Oulton



Dr Erla Bjornsdottir


I am an understanding and tenacious mother of four boys with a passion and enthusiasm to help people sleep better, and truly recognise the effects of poor sleep on mental well-being. As the founder and Chairman of the Board of Mobile health (Betri svefn and Somnify) I aspire to support individuals to improve both their sleep, mental perspective and physical health.

I qualified as a clinical psychologist before taking my PhD degree in medicine and specialising in sleep and cognitive behavioural treatment of insomnia.  I continue my work in this field, which embraces competencies in the understanding and treatment of Insomnia, publishing and presenting research Internationally.

I have helped and supported many sleep sufferers, and hope to help many more, by providing affable remedies to promote better sleep, in turn improving mental state, providing the tools to live a more enjoyable life.

I am incredibly passionate about helping people with respiratory sleep disorders feel better as I really understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.

I qualified in medicine at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ medical school in London.  Having completed my medical rotation and postgraduate training I specialised in respiratory physiology and sleep and ventilation medicine. I obtained a PhD from King’s College London in the investigation and management of ventilatory failure and continue my work in sleep and ventilation within the NHS, publishing journals and papers which I also present in person internationally.

I hope that I have changed the lives of many sleep sufferers by helping them understand the health benefits of getting a better nights sleep by identifying and treating their issues, allowing them to get quality sleep resulting in a more enjoyable life.


Dr Swapna Mandal



Andrew Green


I have worked for the last 34 years in the field of occupational therapy and in 1999 I began to work with people with insomnia. I increasingly specialised in sleep and sleep problems, working with a team of leading sleep specialists, and seeing patients with the whole range of sleep disorders. To support this, I did specialised training – including short courses on sleep medicine and cognitive behaviour for insomnia and I regularly attend conferences and meetings on sleep. I have been involved in research and have written several articles on sleep as well as co-editing two books on sleep.

I now have a private practice specialising in insomnia,; I also do online work as a sleep coach and run training sessions for health professionals who want to help their patients who have sleep problems. 

I am a sleep therapist and consultant with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sleep Medicine from Oxford University and an MSc in Health Psychology. I work with individuals experiencing insomnia and sleep problems using cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), and have experience in both the public and private sector.

I work with organisations and companies with an interest in sleep and wellbeing, delivering staff wellbeing talks and programmes, as well as writing articles for websites, newspapers and magazines.

Christabel Majendie

Christabel Majendie



Professor Soren Berg


I qualified as a physician over 30 years ago before going on to specialise in respiratory disorders related to the upper respiratory tract. I am currently Sleep Medicine Senior Consultant at Lovisenberg Hospital, Oslo.

I am extremely knowledgeable on respiratory disorders and the effect they have on sleep, and have published and presented over 50 papers Internationally. I have also been the ‘go to’ and shared my knowledge and offered advice on a number of TV and radio programs in relation to sleep medicine.

Over the years I have helped improve the lives of many sufferers and their partners (who are often also sleep deprived) by identifying and treating a number of root causes of snoring. Much of this was achieved as former founder and owner of ScanSleep a private sleep medicine clinic in Denmark.

I aim to support and help many more sleep sufferers by listening and supporting all that come to us with underlying sleep issue.

I am a happily married father and knowledgeable pulmonologist and sleep specialist, and I truly understand the importance of how a better night’s sleep can not only enhance the life of the sleep sufferer but that of those around them.

 I qualified in medicine at the University of Iceland and having completed my postgraduate training I specialised in Pulmonary Medicine. I completed a PhD in Sleep Apnoea in Sweden and continue my work in sleep disorders at the University of Iceland, publishing and presenting research and papers internationally, extending my expertise as far as Australia and Pennsylvania USA where I am a visiting and adjunct professor.

Having specialised in sleep and sleep disorders for over 30 years, I have helped sleep sufferers recognise the health benefits of getting a better nights sleep by establishing their issue and finding a remedy, equipping them with improved mental and physical health to savour life.


Professor Thorarrin Gislason



Professor Bryndis Benedikstdottir


I am a wise, trustworthy Dr and sleep specialist ardent about promoting a better night’s sleep for many sleep sufferers, after over 30 years specialising in sleep, I really understand the impact continual sleep deprivation has on an individual’s mental and physical health.

 I qualified in medicine at the University of Iceland before going on to specialise in family medicine in Sweden and then returning to Iceland to further explore, diagnose, treat and practice common sleep disorders. I continue my work in the study of Sleep Apnoea and other sleep disorders, publishing key findings in journals and papers which I also present internationally.

I am confident that I have made a difference to the lives of many sleep sufferers following successful diagnosis and treatment and I would like to continue in this area to make a difference to many more.

I am a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge, researching Alzheimer’s Disease and sleep. My research combines molecular neuroscience research in fruit flies with extensive human data from the UK Biobank to elucidate the mechanisms of neurodegeneration.

My career goal is to develop better therapies to alleviate the consequences of neurodegenerative diseases.

Previously, I completed a BSc degree at Imperial College London in Biological Sciences. During my BSc, I founded and chaired the Sleep Society to raise awareness on the importance and science behind sleep (

At SleepHubs, I use my experience in sleep research and data science to further improve the services SleepHubs offers.


Yizhou Yu