Sleep Improvement Services

Whatever your sleep issue, SleepHubs can help to find the appropriate treatment using our Cognitive Sleep Therapy Online: Behavioural Treatment for Insomnia. All of our services are online based, so you don’t need to wait for GP referrals or clinic appointments.

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Cognitive Behavioural Treatment for Insomnia

Cognitive Sleep Therapy Online: Recommended as the #1 treatment for Insomnia by NICE

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, affecting as many as 16 million adults in the UK.

The SleepHubs CBT-i programme is drug-free and clinically proven to combat insomnia. The expert guided treatment is all completed online and can help you to fall asleep faster, sleep for longer and wake up less frequently in the night.

Your dedicated sleep therapist will guide and support you throughout the cognitive sleep therapy online programme.

To find out more about cognitive sleep therapy online and meet programme creator and psychologist, Dr. Erla Björnsdóttir, please watch the video below.

Cognitive Sleep Therapy Online: Behavioural Treatment for Insomnia
Introduction to Somnify: SleepHubs CBT-i Programme
Dr. Erla Bornsdottir - programme founder.

Lite Sleep Improvement Programme

If you need help to sleep better, but don’t require the full CBT-i treatment, we recommend our Lite Sleep Improvement Programme. In just 3 weeks, we can help you to improve your sleep by up to 30 additional minutes per night.

This online programme is completed from the comfort of your own home and includes daily sleep diary submission. After your assessment in week 1, your designated sleep therapist will analyse your sleep data and give you 1 key recommendation which will have the biggest impact on your sleep. You will then continue the remaining 2 weeks, practising your new sleep routine with help from your therapist.

You will be guided throughout your programme and beyond through video lectures and additional support via email/phone.

We are looking forward to helping you to Sleep Better – Live Better.

Full Sleep Assessment and Recommendation

Both the CBT-i and Lite Sleep Improvement Programme start with a 1 week full sleep assessment. This enables our Sleep Experts to provide accurate advice and ensure you continue with the correct treatment. After week 1, your programme will automatically adjust to the correct treatment for your needs and you will receive a detailed report with a clear indication of your sleep issues, and how we can help if you choose to continue.

This assessment includes a daily sleep diary as well as a clinically validated questionnaire which assesses your insomnia severity.


How well do you really sleep?

In just 1 minute, the SleepHubs Check-Up can assess your sleep and determine your risk level of insomnia. If you think you could sleep better, start your journey here.


Upon completion, you will receive a report and recommendations to improve your sleep.


Step 1


Take the SleepHubs Check-Up to find out how you really sleep.

This is free and takes 1 minute to complete.

Step 2


If your SleepHubs Check-Up shows that you may be at risk of insomnia, your next step is a 1 week Full Sleep Assessment.

Step 3


Improve your sleep through a personal Sleep Improvement Programme.

If we find that you have a risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or another less common sleep disorder, we can help you with diagnosis and treatment.